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All appointments are available by phone, audio/visual (Zoom), or in-person unless otherwise noted.

Psychic Readings

The readings are designed to provide guidance in the topic(s) and question(s) you offer or what’s most prominent in the energy for whom you’re asking (many times this is you though you may be concerned about the happenings of others so that this can be focused in on too).

Mediumship Sitting

Mediumship sittings (readings) connect you with those that belong to you on Spirit’s side of life. While family and friends are thought mostly in peoples’ thoughts when having a sitting, part or the entire session can be dedicated to connecting with spirit guides, arch angels, and other forces as you wish. Please include a note with payment if you have such a desire or wish to keep it more open as to who’ll present themselves. The last 10 minutes of any sitting is spent answering any questions you may have coming into the appointment or as a result of it.

Spiritual Assessment

A spiritual assessment provides specific direction for further growth in your ambitions, passions, and dreams, and while sought after by psychics, mediums, healers, and other practitioners of metaphysics at large, is open to everybody engaged in their inner self-expression and -exploration. Chris’ sharing is derived from a mixture of psychic impressions, what his and your spirit guides have to share, and his personal know-how and experience.

Private 1:1 Mentoring

Private mentoring is open to what you want to learn. You’ll be prompted to include a note as to your areas of interest. If unsure about the time you should allot to start, you may be overthinking it :), but if that thought doesn’t help then please just e-mail directly for a good timeframe.

Private Group Mentoring

If you wish to learn in a group of your choosing, you can automatically schedule a group that can include you and 1 or 2 others for a 1- or 2-hour session. For more attendees, time, and other related questions, or if you‘d like to schedule a class/workshop, please refer to ‘contact’ page and be in touch.

Spiritual Consultation (Initial/Stand-Alone Session)

These sessions include a blend of Chris’ background as a psychotherapist and psychic as well as a medium and hypnotist as appropriate. Follow-ups are scheduled on an ‘as needed’ basis and will be figured out at the conclusion of any given session.

Hypnotism (Initial/Stand-Alone/Follow-Up Sessions)

Hypnosis is an effective tool on its own or as an add-on to other healing modalities. It addresses that aspect of your mind called the subconscious, which can hold onto negative patterns of thinking and feeling that can affect your overall well-being or have you experience certain goals, aspirations, and dreams as simply out of reach. While hypnosis sometimes can rapidly address an issue, other times it helps you to break though a plateau you may have reached in other self-work. Hypnosis can be quite beneficial for various forms of self-improvement, so that it’s not just for those with pronounced issues or in crisis.

Past and In-Between Life Regressions

A past life regression takes you back to a time before this physical life and allows you to experience that incarnation of you firsthand. Most people have reincarnated several times. You can experience such a regression out of just sheer interest and fun, but even then you may take away a lot of understanding and be inspired in certain ways as you compare and contrast the different themes and players in your life now to then.

An in-between life regression differs in that you’re taken back to the point where you were still in the Spirit World and were yet to incarnate While still remaining a firsthand experience. Doing so can give you insight into what contracts, oaths, and pacts you made before coming into this present life and how these have and still affect you, your drives, your decision-making process, the people around you, and so forth. This allows you to move forward more informed and affords the greater potential for you to create more positive change, maintain that which is really working for you and not a hindrance in growing in any way, and make the good into great.

For those of you wanting some of these insights without hypnosis, you’re welcome to schedule a psychic reading and make a note that you want it to focus on ‘karmic journeying,’ which is my telling the story of a past life for that type of regression and for the in-between life speaking to the finer points as to what you’re particularly interested in knowing.

Releasement Work (Preliminary Scan):

Results are shared via a 10-minute phone call.

*The scan will not only include findings, but any recommended follow-up services EVEN IF your needs do not actually require releasement work or anything related as it’s understood you may be uncertain yourself of what’s occurring. If the results are positive for releasement work or any issues related to projected energy, magical practices of your own or others, and so on, this will be kept under the title of releasement work and the appropriate fee structure. If something other, the proper services will be coupled with an explanation as to the particulars of your present situation. The scan is a prerequisite to any potential or actual releasement work. All other healing DOES NOT require this scan.

Releasement Work

(Initial/Stand-Alone Session – @2 Hours)

Additional time may be required.

Home and Space Clearing (Preliminary Scan):

Results are shared via a 10-minute phone call.

Issues that may seem related to a ‘haunting’ or other activity at a location may not be what it seems despite your experiences and understanding so that the scan takes a hard look at what’s actually contributing to the perceived situation and how to remedy it. Matters requiring releasement work and uncontrolled psychic energy (poltergeist phenomena) may be at play as examples that may mistaken as something other, and without the proper insight addressed improperly.

Home and Space Clearing

(Starting @2 Hours)

Additional time may be required.

Group Readings

Please refer to the ‘contact’ page to schedule.

Remote Group Readings
(Minimum of 6, Maximum of 10 People, 90 Minutes):

$65/Per Person

In-Person Group Readings
(Minimum of 10, Maximum of 20, 90 Minutes):

$75/Per Person

Other Services

If you’re interested in hosting Chris for a workshop, a demonstration, lecture, or other event please send on your details as to the type of event, number of attendees, and timeframe (if any), and somebody will get back to you shortly.