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Oracle Cards Unfolded: An Online Workshop via Zoom

Saturday, May 16th

1:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST

Tuition: $35.00

Many are ardent enthusiasts of various oracle (and tarot) decks due to the variety of subject matter and beauty each holds with some cards having a word, a few words, a declaration, or nothing other than an image.  

But what is it that attracts you to a particular deck or multitude of decks, and how can this work to your advantage in using them?  

What is that they can share with you or the person for whom you’re conducting a reading or providing a message?  

Perhaps you’re asking simply for some effective methods in how to use them.  

These questions and and numerous ways in which to incorporate the power of oracle cards into whatever your practice will be explored with an emphasis on conducting various readings and message work with your fellow students.  

Students are welcome and encouraged to use their own oracle card decks though in the absence of having any exercises will be geared for you to still actively learn and participate.

Tarot cards can be further substituted in absence of oracle cards through the direction provided.  

It should be noted though that intuitive tarot itself is a separate workshop with its own unique benefits.

This workshop is limited to 10 participants.

Mediumship Development Course:  8-Weeks Online via Zoom

Every Tuesday 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST

Starting May 19th

Tuition: $275

You have this wonderful connection to the Spirit World.  You have psychic senses evidenced by instances of your gut/intuition telling you something as well as just knowing information seemingly out of nowhere.  You likely have felt the presence of Spirit too.  These senses are the tools that you can use to connect more deliberately with those in spirit and being that everything is energy, you can see mediumship as better learning how to tune into an extension of yourself.

No experience in psychic development or mediumship is required to enroll.  Participation with your classmates though is required as you’ll be working closely together over the course of 8 weeks to build the confidence and abilities in a supportive, encouraging environment wherein your success is everybody else’s too.

The class will be limited to 12 participants so as to offer a fair amount of individual time and attention.

There will be a total of 8 sessions 2 hours in length each starting at 1:00 PM on Tuesday May 19th.

This class will take place from the comfort of your home online through Zoom.

And so, why may you find this workshop a good fit for you?

  • you want to explore your own relationship to the Spirit World simply for the sheer enjoyment of it
  • you desire learning as part of a process to heal yourself and help others in mourning
  • you work professionally as a healer and find purpose and value in developing this gift
  • you’re already doing psychic readings in your practice and you want to add to your skill set
  • you’re having issues in maintaining boundaries and understanding what you’re receiving from the Spirit World and wish to control and benefit from your ability to connect
  • you’d like to better receive the guidance, support, and love that’s available to you from spirit   
  • you want to sit in an ongoing development circle 

You may find that you resonate with a numbers of these reasons and still have others so this is not an exhaustive list.  The biggest part is a strong pull to explore and work with the Spirit World.

Exercises will vary week-to-week with an incremental building up process, and shared in such ways that regardless of your background coming in there’s plenty of opportunity to grow and stretch yourself.

While Chris does offer 1:1 private tutoring in all that he shares, he encourages you to first take a course if so offered by him in your area of interest if it’s a very broad area of study (such as mediumship and energy healing) AND you’re very new to it so as to take the extra time more so for fine-tuning and covering specific/niche areas. 

Trance Mediumship/Channeling:  An 8-Week Online Course via Zoom

Every Thursday 7:30 – 9:30PM EST

Starting May 21st

Tuition:  $275

This workshop offers you a great way to either be introduced or refresh your experience with trance mediumship/channeling in ways that are easy to access, have practical application, and provide a sound foundation for you to further develop your relationship with trance upon completion.  

Trance itself not only provides you the opportunity to better know your spirit team and meet spirit helpers, but to partner with them more closely in all the aspects of your metaphysical work.  

Hands-on practice will be emphasized as you build your understanding and confidence and stretch yourself in a supportive environment.  

It is offered by trance and physical medium Chris DeSerio.

Seating is limited to 12 students.

All 8 sessions are held Thursdays from 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM EST with the first being on May 21st, 2020.

The workshop is broken up into the following core components with time for sharing and discussion:

1.  Overview of Trance/Channeling and Getting Into the Trance State

2.  Further Working On and Defining the Right State of Trance For Your Practice

3.  Essentials of Blending Trance/Channeling with Mental Mediumship

4.  Fine-Tuning Your Practice with Trance/Channeling 

5.  Trance/Channeling in Writing 

6.  Trance/Channeling in Speaking

7.  Trance/Channeling in Art

8.  Material Review, Further Questions, and Your Pursuit of Continued Growth with Trance

All sessions will be recorded via Zoom and only made available to participating students for either further review or in case an issue occurs with attending.  Also, you will have access to a private FaceBook group so that you may interact between classes and after course completion. As part of your ongoing development you are then welcome to request a seat in Chris’ online Monday night trance mediumship circle, run from 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM EST. The Zoom room will be open 15 minutes early so that you’re permitted time to make any technological adjustments.

Add Some Colour To Your Readings: An Online Workshop via Zoom

Saturday, May 23rd

1:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST

Tuition: $35.00

What would it be like to have the first reading of your day be fuller of color than a rainbow?

This workshop looks to offer just that in speaking as to how you can use colour as not a mere add on, but an avenue to clear and concise information for your psychic readings.  

Going beyond the oodles of books and lists that speak to certain colours having different meanings that have inherent problems beyond the amount of memorization required, in this workshop you better understand and practice having colours work for you.  

The language of colours is one that exists amongst you, those for whom you’re conducting a reading, and the colours themselves.  

This relationship will be emphasized as you practice using several techniques with your fellow students, and the conversation bound to ensue in experiencing the built-in fun factor in so doing too.  

Open to and beneficial for those of you well-experienced as well as to others new to psychic development.

Seating is limited to 10 participants.