Online Mentorship Program


Each week you’d have 90-minute 1:1 session with Chris.  The consistency helps you to stay fresh in working on your objectives, and makes it distinct from having a single appointment for tutoring that’s more geared towards something that you want to incorporate into or better in your personal/professional practice.

Beginner – Five (5) sessions focusing on your understanding and better opening up to your psychic faculties and receiving impressions from Spirit.  

Intermediate – Five (5) sessions aimed at working with Spirit in ways that build your connection so as to receive better evidence, maintain the flow longer, and build your confidence.  

Expert – Five (5) sessions for you to take your mediumship from good to great or better certain areas of your practice with techniques that encourage you to truly stretch yourself so as to allow spirits to be experienced as if they’re right there physically in the room sharing their thoughts and feelings.  

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