My Journey

Chris DeSerio, MA, CHt, started his journey into actively engaging with the Spirit World as a child catching glimpses of spirits and beings in mirrors and feeling them very regularly around him. 

He took this interest in all things Spirit and other psychic matters teaching himself traditional tarot at 13-years-old, pouring over numerous books, and delving into the investigation of the paranormal firsthand.

As he became of age, Chris went on to study with notable mediums and healers while continuing to develop his abilities as he does to this day well over 20 years later in many ways, holding such titles and working professionally as:

Psychic – coming into play with all that he does, so not just readings

*Medical Intuitive* – readings are provided that have information and guidance as to the health of yourself or another for whom you provide care/have concern.  They’re specific to the topic of physical wellness and go into greater detail than a quick check-in that can be part of a standard psychic reading.

Mental and Platform Medium Medium – being 1 with those in Spirit so as to allow you to experience their presence coupled with any thoughts and feelings they wish to share either in a private sitting (‘reading’) or group setting/event

Trance Medium – blending with those in spirit in such ways that includes permitting them to share their philosophy and guidance through the voice of the medium (a deeper state of oneness with the Spirit World than the lighter state known as channeling)

*Trance Healer* – allowing spirit doctors, chemists, and others who’re guides and helpers to blend their energies with that of Chris to effect a healing to the recipient.  It’s a totally passive process with Chris remaining in a deeper trance and you simply relaxed and open receive the good that Spirit can share.

Physical Medium – encouraging the Spirit World to use power of the medium and those with whom he’s sitting to produce and experience phenomena through the regular 5 senses (rather than the 6 psychic ones).

*Table-Tipping* – Chris has an intimate and ongoing relationship with Spirit and the use of tables to bring forward messages from loved ones, Spirit guides, angelic forces, and more along with table itself offering up some seemingly impossible moves.

*Seances* – Chris sits in trance and allows the spirits who work with him to take over in speaking through him as well as producing various phenomena.  Those present are welcome to speak and ask questions of the communicators, and enjoy the energy of what’s always and fun and invigorating way to connect to the Spirit World.

Healer – many modalities are used based on the presenting issue(s) and with a custom approach (as opposed to a 1 size fits most) no title captures everything Chris knows or does in numerous cases to address the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs.  You’re not just chakras, an etheric (energy) body, and auric field with some meridians to boot, but a complex soul with unique thoughts, feelings, and a way of being within yourself as well as outside people and situations.  Chris takes this into full account so as to offer long-term healing with any necessary maintenance.

*Reiki Master, Teacher* – providing attunements/trainings accompanied with certification. 

Teacher/Tutor – many workshops, some lectures, and plenty of 1:1 and group mentoring is offered in relation to everything that he knows and practices.

Releasement Medium – this role constitutes the movement towards the resolution of matters related to unwelcome spirits, entities, projected or self-created energies, and other specifics emanating from magical and occult practices as a few examples.

Home and Space Clearing Medium – the mitigation and removal of discordant energies present at a home, workplace, or open land. 

Paranormal Expert – it goes hand-in hand with being a releasement medium, but additionally Chris can provide information, advice, and direction regarding paranormal interest and happenings both past and present.  He has further worked cases of poltergeist activity too.  

Engaging with Chris for any of the above or something other, his focus and rally call is ultimately your empowerment.

Chris offers the most heartfelt of thanks to Audrey Wiley (Woodlands Sanctuary, Australia), mentor and incredibly good soul for her sharing and guidance that spurred him on in good part to be the practitioner he is today and is in the process of continuing to become.